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The latest Hollywood films play on the big screen in Aruba in the air-conditioned comfort of the cinema.

The Renaissance theatre is a six viewing room theatre which has been providing entertainment to Aruba for the past 15 years.

The Cinemas at Paseo consists of 6 viewing rooms, of which 3 of them have capacity for 110 people, one of them can accommodate 125 people and the second largest of them all has seating capacity of 185 persons and the very largest hosts 220 movie lovers. In all, "The Cinemas at Paseo" is be able to accommodate a total of 860 people at the same time in its 6 modern viewing rooms. As one walks into the lobby, vibrant colors which contrast the ceiling and special light effects give the lobby a very trendy look. A sizeable investment has been made in state of the art equipment for the 6 large viewing rooms. In addition to the screens, a "surround sound" system ensures that movie lovers feel that they are part of the film they are watching.

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